• Javier Martínez

    Game Designer - Digital Designer

Javier MartínezGame Designer / Digital Designer

passionate about games and design

I love creating things: stories, characters, rules, algorithms, mockups, games! Make video games is like create complicates puzzles putting together gears, which ones do that everything moves and works. In addition, I am an adventurer, a lover of the trips with a really good sense of direction. I consider a city dweller, I like walking everywhere, discover the different parts of the cities and eat in unheard places.

  • Birthdate : 25/09/1982
  • Phone (ES) : + 34 605 989 233
  • Email : javier@wearewabi.com
  • Website : www.javiermartinezpaya.com
  • Company: www.wearewabi.com
  • Blog: www.travel4eat.com

my employment

Project Manager - Wabi Creative Design

My function in Wabi is coordinate the projects, get new costumers and some digital design.

2016 - NOW

Game Designer - From the Bench Games

My function as a game designer in FTB is to create games from scratch or develop new features.

2011 - 2015

Graphic Designer - Miger

I creating packaging for major brands such as: Carmencita, Lipton, Deliplus, Nivea, Pompadur, etc

2010 - 2011

Project manager & Web Designer - Aeuroweb

I worked creating simple websites for small businesses and supervising teams of up to five people.

2009 - 2010

Graphic Designer - Impreselda

I worked creating stationery of all kinds.

2006 - 2008

my education

Master in Web Design - CEI Valencia

I learned in CEI how to design web pages , creating their look , their image, and working with HTML and CSS.

2008 - 2009

Degree in Illustration & Graphic Designer - EASDA Art & design school (Alicante)

I learned the basics of design.

2002 - 2005


We live in a world where information circulates at full speed and things are constantly changing , especially in areas related to technology. Good training is essential .

Leadership Course

Empatia Consultingwww.empatiaconsulting.es

Initiation to Unity & 3D Max

Folgado Academy

Web Analitics

Bit Marketingwww.bitmarketing.es


Videogames Congress Valenciawww.cdv2011.com

my skills and expertise

Game Design skills

Free-to-play Game
Mobile Game
Retention mechanics
Monetization mechanics

Project Manager skills

Interpersonal Communication
KPI analitics
Task Tracking
Scrum Master

Graphic skills


Web Skills

Web Design

Computer Skills


personal skills

I have a strong work ethic; having worked from the age of 18 to pay for my studies. I consider myself a responsible, adaptable, organized and honest person. I'm used to working in, and managing, teams. I enjoy challenges.

  • Responsible
  • Diligence
  • Labour
  • Creative
  • Great Communicator
  • Flexible
  • Personal integrity
  • Positive work ethic
  • Team oriented

languages skills

  • Spanish

  • Catalan

  • English



Jose David Poveda Gonzalez

Co-Founder and CEO at FROM THE BENCH SL

“In From The Bench Javier has proved a great professionalism and and ability for team work. He has directly taken part in the design of key products for the company shown great skills for mobile game design.”


Santiago Perez

Chief Creative Officer en From the Bench

“El creativo organizado. Sí, resulta difícil encontrar un creativo que no sea caótivo y disperso, pero uno de los pocos casos en los que se da se llama Javi Martínez. Un excelente Game Designer, que trabajó con éxito en juegos como MotoGP Fantasy Manager, Real Madrid Stars Cup, Be a Legend 1 y 2, Football Franchise, Fantasy Manager Football. Sin duda, un gran creativo organizado y mejor persona.”


Judith Dominguez Carcelen

Head of Art & Digital Designer

“Trabajé con Javi durante la creación de la versión Fantasy Manager 2013, es una persona muy creativa, con las ideas bastante claras y que siempre intenta que el producto tenga una muy buena calidad. Cuando comienzas a trabajar con él de primeras notas que es alguien a quien le apasiona el mundo del videojuego y forma parte de su día a día, lo cual se refleja plenamente en su trabajo. Además es muy metodológico, perfeccionista y sus conocimientos de diseño y usabilidad hacen que el trabajo con él sea más agradable, porque consigues hablar el mismo idioma.”


Samuel Fernandez Amoros

Backend Developer PHP en From The Bench S.L.

“En Be A Legend Javier Martinez ha demostrado que es un gran profesional como Game Designer teniendo una gran capacidad de visión de conjunto sobre las distintas funcionalidades a implementar en los proyectos, facilitandote en gran medida las tareas de implementación, además de su capacidad narrativa para la generación de distintos textos para el proyecto.